Tiny living doesn’t suit everyone – but it may suit you.

We all know that the real estate market is broken. The utility value of a house is a thing of the distant past and sadly, shelter has become a commodity to be voraciously traded. As such, even essential secure housing is beyond the reach of an increasing number of people.

Tiny House living offers a solution to this problem, but further, it offers a dynamic and artful alternative to those wishing to supplement their existing living spaces. Use our reckoner below, to envision how you might benefit from the Tiny House alternative.

With a Tiny House you most certainly can! You don’t need council approval as long as it’s towable and on wheels and, of course, wheels don’t have to be visible! Our designs are all towable and crafted to blend seamlessly into any landscape.

Small is good! If your aim is to live minimally and reduce your impact on the environment, a Tiny Home is ideal. But don’t be deceived by the title. Tiny Houses are so well designed that they maximise every inch of space. So while they’re not lavish palaces, they often feel like they are because of their clever design and use of space.

There it is! The root of the problem. If you’re in the position to buy a typical house, you can be reasonably sure that you’ll be paying it off for the rest of your life. Of course, you’re not buying just the house, but rather its investment value. But at the best of times this is often a gamble. Which way will the housing market go? So stressful, when all you need is comfortable, stylish and secure shelter…

You could just go Tiny instead : )

The assumption that Tiny Homes are only for those in need is incorrect. There are many situations where the family home is well on its way to being paid for, but there’s still a need for more internal space. Wouldn’t it be great if the teenagers had a space of their own? Enter the Tiny House alternative; a quick and easy way to dial up extra living space (and peace).

Imagine! When much loved guests come for sleepovers, they can be a tad quirky in their use of shared spaces. Just bid them good night and send them off into your on site Tiny House. They’ll love it! And it won’t cost you a fortune in costly development applications for an additional building.

Spot on! Have a think about this: let’s say you own 1000 items. Never mind what they are: a toaster, a note pad, a pair of shoes, keep-sakes. Just 1000 of them. How necessary are they to your daily living? Most people own or hoard many more objects than that. But using 1000 as an example… If you took 10 minutes (at a conservative estimate) to decide what to do with 1000 objects, you would have spent 166 hours of your precious time. That’s about 6 days of your life you could have enjoyed reading a book, painting, cooking… in your beautifully designed and uncluttered Tiny Home.

Our Tiny Homes are on wheels. Not just any wheels, but blue slip engineer certified trailer wheels. When you buy a Tiny Home from us, you’ll receive all of the appropriate paperwork. This will allow you to legally transport your Tiny Home to any location of your choice. But be aware that they’re more than just a major step up from a caravan or a camper trailer.

It was mystifying when the lovely neighbours sold their house so they could instead enter the rental market. The reason they stated was that they were over the stress involved in keeping up with the mortgage. That’s hard to contest. We can build you a Tiny Home at a fraction of the cost of typical real estate, but perhaps more importantly, provide you with an alternative to the binary relationship between owning and renting.

Unshackled by a mortgage, unreasonable rent and too much stuff, you may find yourself with too much precious time on your hands. Tiny House living is all about that! Too much time. With all that extra time and not having to answer to your boss, just imagine what you could do.

Don’t be deceived by the word Tiny. There’s actually a lot of space because of the intelligent design encapsulated in a Tiny House. But they also embody a sense of impermanence. One that allows a closeness to nature, rather than the separation from the outdoors of a typical house. Move your Tiny Home closer to the river, or place it atop a hill to take in the view. Now you have that freedom.

Tiny Homes don’t have to be simply an endpoint. They are flexible enough to also be a stepping stone alternative to sharing or renting. If your plan is to eventually enter the real estate market, you now have a viable alternative to renting or sharing. And! When you do enter the housing market, think of what a marvellous asset a well built Tiny House will be, well situated on your beautiful new block.

It’s not uncommon, due to life circumstances, to discover a shortfall of security and comfort as we age. The options available are becoming increasing limited. But what if there was an alternative option? A way of living securely and comfortably in your later years without being bound up by financial constraints? Well there is now! A beautiful, comfortable and safe Tiny Home, almost instantly delivered and ready to live in!

Be Inspired

Watch this space for inspiration and all our latest tiny homes news. If you simply can’t wait, get in touch so we can start walking the path towards your own unique tiny home together.