Tiny Home living offers freedom!

Tiny Home living is more than just living in a tiny space – it’s a lifestyle that allows you to live more sustainably within your environment, with little or no debt. It supports more choice around location, work prospects and personal time. Tiny Home living offers an opportunity to make conscious choices about self-sufficiency and simplification, about owning fewer possessions and generating minimal bills, and about living the life you want.

Freedom from debt

Tiny Homes are affordable and allow you to live with little or no mortgage. Not being yoked to decades of mortgage repayments means you can make decisions with more financial freedom.

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Freedom of location

Tiny Homes can be moved to take advantage of work prospects and personal interests or family needs as they arise.

Freedom from complicated and costly Development Applications

Our Tiny Homes on wheels are classified as road vehicles and can function happily off grid, avoiding the need to connect to on grid services.

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Freedom from excess possessions and clutter

The Tiny Home lifestyle is aligned with minimalism. By living with a minimalist mindset, you only own possessions you need and use on a daily basis. Storage in a Tiny Home is modest, essentially requiring thoughtful consumerism.

Freedom to live sustainably

Tiny Home living encourages pro-environmental behaviours as you more closely engage with your surroundings. Living tiny means you’ll have a smaller ecological footprint, reducing your impact on the planet.

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Freedom to connect more with relationships

Living in a small space encourages increased connectivity as you interact more closely.

Freedom to work less and play more

With less debt and maintenance comes more choice around work prospects, engaging more freely in interests, hobbies and leisure time.

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Freedom from a complicated life

Tiny Home living allows you to live simply and within your means!

Be Inspired

Watch this space for inspiration and all our latest tiny homes news. If you simply can’t wait, get in touch so we can start walking the path towards your own unique tiny home together.